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What We Do

We are a collective voice for neuro-inclusive and affordable housing.


The IHC team brings valuable expertise through lived experiences, professional knowledge, or both, to bring greater awareness to the housing crisis for adults living with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities (I/DD). We provide connection to information, as well as convening and training opportunities, to bridge the knowledge gaps that exist in improving Colorado’s affordable housing landscape.

Join us and become a voice for neuro-inclusive housing.

Helping individuals living with an intellectual or developmental disability find affordabl

Information & Resources

Through our Resource Guide, we help people living with an I/DD find an affordable place to live and the resources they need to thrive. We also connect service providers to affordable housing options for their clients and generate awareness across public and private agencies about the importance of neuro-inclusive housing. 


Additionally, we connect prospective I/DD housing developers to needed financing resources. Contact us to learn more.

Convening Opportunities 

Our deep affordable housing and service provision networks provide exceptional opportunities for making connections.


Through future annual summits and networking events, we will bring key stakeholders in the areas of affordable housing, service delivery and caregiving together with families to address the increasing need of affordable housing for people living with an I/DD. Contact us to learn how you can get connected.

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Trainings and research to expand access to affordable housing in Denver, Colorado 4 (1).jp

Training and Research

We will soon offer training and research opportunities in the areas of restructuring existing I/DD housing projects, property management best practices for projects with I/DD populations, and navigating the Fair Housing Act for affordable housing projects incorporating I/DD populations.


Contact us to learn about upcoming training opportunities. 

Become a voice for neuro-inclusive and affordable housing.

You can create a more inclusive community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

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