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Join the Inclusive Housing Coalition Committee

The IHC helps bridge the gap between organizations and individuals to provide better housing solutions for adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) in Colorado. We are seeking stakeholders and interested parties to help advance our mission by addressing the housing barriers and systemic issues facing adults with I/DD.


View our committee priority areas below, and contact us to learn more about joining.

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Committee Priority Areas

Existing Housing Barriers

Housing that currently exists for I/DD adults, such as HUD-supported group homes, are experiencing financial issues and the possibility of closing. Notably, there is not enough neuro-inclusive affordable housing for adults with I/DD.

Government Programs and Services

Adults with I/DD, caregivers, service providers and housing developers all have a stake in disabilities-related government programs and regulations, including housing voucher allocation, housing development funding, Medicaid reimbursement and more.

I/DD Risk Factors

Identify and address systemic issues and insufficiencies that contribute to the vulnerability of adults with I/DD that may have a negative impact on housing access.

Housing Design, Amenities and Other Supports

Housing supports and amenities are an important part of housing design. This includes physical design as well as programming.  Adults with I/DD could benefit from expanded inclusive employment opportunities, which would impact their ability to afford housing.

Alignment with Elderly Housing

The elderly population faces many of the same issues as adults with I/DD, including isolation, need of supports and lack of affordable housing options.  How may the two populations learn from and support each other for the benefit of affordable housing.

Learn More About Joining the IHC Committee

Please fill out the following interest form and we will contact you soon.

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