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Who We Are

Following a study conducted by Developmental Pathways in 2019, a group of passionate activists, concerned parents, and dedicated professionals formed the Inclusive Housing Coalition to build awareness and develop partnerships throughout Colorado.


We seek to address the looming housing crisis for over 127,000 individuals currently living with an Intellectual and/or Developmental disability in our state. Learn more about our work.


Address the unique affordable housing crisis experienced by people with an I/DD by generating awareness and influencing partnerships towards building diverse opportunities in Colorado.


Colorado residents with an I/DD will have affordable residential opportunities that enable them to be an integral part of their neighborhood and greater community.



Affordability, Person-Centered, Inclusive, Independence, Permanence


  • Affordable housing assistance is necessary for people with an I/DD and prevents unnecessary homelessness, displacement, or forced placement into more restrictive or costly settings. 

  • Data specific to all individuals with an I/DD will drive incentives and policy solutions ensuring access to safe and preferred homes and services.

  • People with an I/DD will have a variety of equitable, affordable housing options best meeting their needs and preferences. 

  • Every person with an I/DD will have lifetime access to the long term support services in the service delivery model of their choice in order to reach their full potential. 

  • Local planning departments and local housing authorities will proactively address the unique housing crisis of people with an I/DD.

  • Individuals with an I/DD and their families need better support to understand and secure residential options.


Cindy Opheim | Chair

Dave Schmit | Vice Chair

Ben Karp | Secretary

Nina Taylor | Treasurer

Members at Large
Tim Dolan

Renee Ferguson Saia

Helene Schmidt

People with an I/DD can live in a home they own or rent, and get the services they need. 

Woman with disabilities stands with her mother

We help bridge the gap between organizations and individuals to provide better housing solutions.

View of the front of a house
Man with disabilities hugs woman on his birthday


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